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Refusing/Revoking Consent to Share Personal Information
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Due to HMIS being a data sharing platform it is important that client's understand their rights and consent to having their information entered. A client has the right to refuse or revoke their consent to sharing their information. Please follow the instructions below to find out what an agency should do in these situations. 


If the client has a client record in HMIS

Step 1Upload a completed copy of the Client Revocation of Consent Form to the client's profile in HMIS under the Client Revocation of Consent Form file category. Make sure the form contains signatures from both the client and the Agency Administrator submitting the form.


Step 2: Submit a ticket to the HMIS Help Desk including the client's identifier so that HMIS Staff can properly anonymize the client's record.


OC HMIS staff will then remove the client's name, date of birth, and social security number from their client profile record. Once that data is removed, OC HMIS staff will contact any agency that is still working with the client and let them know that the client's information has been removed per their request. Any agency that is still working with the client will continue to log services into their anonymized record. If the client begins working with another agency, the new agency will need to create a private record in HMIS to record the client's information. 


If the client does not have a record in HMIS

Step 1: Create a Client Profile for the client, click here to read Clarity's Knowledge Base article about adding Client Profile to HMIS


Step 2: Click on the yellow Release of Information banner that appears after you save the new profile. 



Step 3: Select No from the Permission drop-down, click Add Record



Step 4: Click Private next to the Client Privacy Section, and click Save Changes




Once steps 3 and 4 have been completed, only staff at your agency will be able to view this client's profile. You can enter the client's name, date of birth, and Social Security Number as normal.


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