Search "verify list" in the box below to read our new article titled "HMIS Assessment Completed But Verify List Says 'HMIS Assessment Not Completed'" for instructions on clearing the "HMIS Assessment Not Completed" error on the Verify List for clients whose assessments are actually complete.

Snapshot at Exit

A snapshot is automatically created when a user clicks on the Begin Exiting Client from Program button on the Program Exit page.

  1. Click on Program Exit.
  2. Click on the Snapshot Management tab.
  3. The exit snapshot is the last snapshot in the enrollment. The number of snapshots should have increased by 1.
  4. Verify that all data on the snapshot accurately portrays the client’s situation at program exit.
  5. Update the Snapshot Date to match the client’s Program Exit Date, and click on Save Date. Be sure to review the snapshots for the other household members as well.

 For more information about snapshots, please visit the Snapshot Mini Guide.

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  • 26-Jun-2017