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Reassigning Case Managers
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HMIS will automatically assign the HMIS user who enrolled the client into the program as the clients's Case Manager. Follow these instructions to learn how to reassign a client to another user. 


Reassigning Case Managers

Step 1: Search for the client's Client Profile record, and select the Edit icon. 

(Note: Please review our Knowledge Base article on Searching for a Client Records for more information) 


Step 2: Go to the client's Program tab, and edit the Program by selecting the Edit icon next the the enrollment. 



** Note: For clients that have already been exited, you can assign another staff member without removing the exit date


Step 3: Once in the program, you will see a sideboard section to the right side of the screen. Locate the Assign Staff section, and click on the Edit icon to the right of the name. 


A drop down menu will appear that has a list of all the active staff within your agency. Choose the new Case Manager (assigned staff) from the list, and select Save Changes. You can select more than one staff member to be assigned as Case Manager by clicking the boxes next to the name of each staff member:


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