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What is Interim Housing?

Now that Coordinated Entry is in full swing in Orange County, many agencies have questions about what interim housing is, and how they can use it for their clients waiting to be placed in a permanent housing unit.  HUD has determined that once a household has been matched with a permanent housing provider but before an appropriate unit is found, the household may stay with friends or family, in a hotel/motel, or in transitional housing without losing their chronically homeless eligibility.  However, the household can only stay in a transitional housing project if the provider does not place any requirements on the household (like sobriety requirements), the provider is actively assisting the household to find a unit, and there is no duplication of services billed for the transitional housing and permanent supportive housing providers.

Keep in mind that this guidance does not apply if the household is only on the prioritization list, so placing a household in interim housing before being matched with a permanent housing provider could result in the household losing their chronically homeless eligibility.  Also, 211OC has entered a question to HUD regarding the chronically homeless eligibility of a household that entered interim housing after being matched with a housing provider, and was later returned to the prioritization list.  We will provide an update once we receive a response from HUD.

Please see this article about the terms "interim housing" and "bridge housing".

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  • 02-Jun-2017