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Entering a Duplicate Social Security Number: Error
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When creating a Client Profile there are certain fields that are required, can be skipped or answered partially. The Social Security Number (SSN) field is not required, but can sometimes lead to duplicate records. Review this article to learn the steps that need to be taken. 


Duplicate Social Security Number Error

If you enter a SSN that matches that of another client record, you will get the following message:



Take these steps to correct the error:


Step 1: Submit a ticket to the HMIS Help Desk using the HMIS - Pages category  


Step 2: Inform the HMIS team of the issue, using only the Client Identifiers in the Message section of the form



The HMIS team will look up the client and most likely need to merge the client with an existing duplicate record. If two clients with different names or dates of birth show up under the same SSN, we will call you to verify the client's identity.

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