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Removing Households from the Community Queue
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In some cases, a household may no longer need to be matched with a housing opportunity through the Coordinated Entry System. For example, a household might have been able to find housing on their own or the case manager may be able to get the household help outside of CES. In these cases, the household needs to be removed from the Community Queue


Step 1: Search for the head of household's name, and click on the Edit button. The client's Client Profile page should state if he or she is on the Community Queue. Once located, go to their History page. 


Step 2: Click the Edit button next to their Referral to the Community Queue.


Step 3: Scroll to the Remove from the Queue section on the referral page, and select the reason the household is being removed from the Community Queue, which may prompt a follow up question. You must also add the date the household was removed from the Community Queue, and click on Save Changes.



If a household is removed from the Community Queue, they must also be exited from the Coordinated Entry Project they are enrolled in. Please review the Exiting a Client from a Project knowledge base article for more instruction on this. If a household is being removed from the Coordinated Entry Project because they were matched to a housing opportunity, please review the Coordinated Entry System (CES) for Housing Agencies article for more information. 

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