Search "verify list" in the box below to read our new article titled "HMIS Assessment Completed But Verify List Says 'HMIS Assessment Not Completed'" for instructions on clearing the "HMIS Assessment Not Completed" error on the Verify List for clients whose assessments are actually complete.

Exit Program Tab

To begin exiting clients out of a project:

  1. Select the Exit Program tab on the Program Entry Page.
  2. Click Begin Exiting Client out of Program*.
  3. Select all the members of the family, if you want to exit them all**.
  4. Enter client’s Destination and Reason for Leaving.
  5. Click Save.

*A snapshot will automatically be created.

**If you want to exit just one person in the household, remember to take her/him out of the household first, and then you can exit the person alone.

For more information about exiting clients out of a project in HMIS, please visit the Program Exit Mini Guide.

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  • 19-Jul-2017