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Referrals Tab Overview
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The Referrals page is where the Coordinated Entry System is managed in HMIS.  This page houses the Community Queue, tracks referrals from the Community Queue, and allows agencies to update their available housing opportunities.


The Referrals page is at the top right corner of the main search screen, and is only available if you have completed the HMIS Coordinated Entry Training.


On this page you will be able to see the following 5 sections:

  • Pending: Shows all households matched to a housing opportunity at your agency that are currently pending or pending - in process.
  • Community Queue: Shows all heads of household waiting to be matched to a housing opportunity in the CoC.
  • Completed: Shows all households that were enrolled into a project within your agency as a result of being matched to a housing opportunity.
  • Denied: Shows all households that were matched to a housing opportunity at your agency, but were not enrolled in a project.
  • Sent: Shows all referrals sent by your agency to both outside agencies and to projects within your own agency.  This tab should generally be blank except for the CES Leads.
  • Availability: Allows the agency to update their bed availability in order to receive matches.
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