Search "verify list" in the box below to read our new article titled "HMIS Assessment Completed But Verify List Says 'HMIS Assessment Not Completed'" for instructions on clearing the "HMIS Assessment Not Completed" error on the Verify List for clients whose assessments are actually complete.

Followup Tab

The Followup tab in the Program Exit Page is optional. It allows users to track any follow-ups that are completed for the client after the client exits the project.  The questions on this tab can be customized by project.

  1. Select the Followup tab.
  2. Click New, and enter the required information.  In the Activity dropdown, select Follow-up to answer the standard follow-up questions in Orange County.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Answer the questions, and click Save Answers.  All required questions will be in red text.

For more information about exiting clients out of a project in HMIS, please visit the Program Exit Mini Guide.

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  • 19-Jul-2017