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Coordinated Entry Canned Reports
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BitFocus has released reports that can be run from the Report Library. These reports were created by BitFocus, not 211OC.



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Assessment Based Reports

Community and Referrals

Data Quality


Assessment Based Reports

[GNRL-404] CE Assessment Details Report - Your agency/CoC’s assessments

Details on all coordinated entry assessments provided by the agency including whether they’ve been referred to a queue, scores, subscores, and who conducted the assessment. 


[GNRL-405] CE Assessing Staff Report - Who’s conducting assessments?

Similar to the CE Assessment Details Report, this report allows you to view assessment data by assessing staff.


[OUTS-108] CE Demographics Report - Who’s getting assessed?

A visual demographics report on either all clients assessed at your agency, clients assessed and not referred to any queue, or only clients referred to a queue.


Community and Referrals

[RFRL-122] CE Community Queue Detail Report - Who’s on your queue?

Information about clients on the community queue, including demographics, assessment date and score, and days on queue.


[RFRL-103] Referral Statistics - Inbound - What referrals are coming to your agency?

Aggregate statistics about direct referrals and referrals from the community queue that were sent to your agency.


[RFRL-104] Referral Statistics - Outbound - What referrals is your agency making?

Aggregate statistics about direct referrals made by your agency, and reassignments from the community queue made by your agency.


Data Quality

[DQXX-122] Duplicate Assessments Report - Who has too many assessments?

Clients who have two or more of the same type of assessment during the reporting period.

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