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Coordinated Entry Reports on Enrollment and VI-SPDAT Data
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Once an agency has entered enrollment and VI-SPDAT or Veteran Assessment data into Clarity, this data can be reviewed by running reports. The Program Details report can be used to review all data entered on the Enrollment screen, and Looker reports can be used to review VI-SPDAT and Veteran Assessment data. This article will review how to run the reports.




To access the reports, change the agency drop down to the Family Solutions Collaborative for families, and County of Orange for individuals. Click on the Launchpad, and select ‘Reports’.

Program Details Report

Open the Program Based Reports drop down, and click on Run next to the Program Details Report.



Enter in report parameters:

  • Project type: all
  • Program Status: Active programs
  • Program: Select the appropriate Coordinated Entry project
  • Screen Type: Entry Data
  • Enrollments: Active Enrollments
  • Report Date Range: Select start/end date


Click ‘OK’ to run report.

Once the report runs, it will open in a zip file. Click on the ENT file for the Coordinated Entry project to review the enrollment data.


Once in the Excel spreadsheet, you can filter the ‘Which access point is serving this client’ question to review clients entered by your agency. Click the image below to enlarge.



VI-SPDAT and Veteran Assessment Data

Go to the Data Analysis tab, open the Orange County Clarity System Reports drop down, and click on Run next to the correct report:

  • FCES VI-SPDAT: FCES VI-SPDAT Data by Access Point
  • ICES VI-SPDAT: ICES VI-SPDAT Data by Access Point
  • Veteran Assessment: Veteran Assessment Data by Access Point



The reports default to assessments completed in the past complete month. Click on the Filter drop down to adjust the results included in the report. Click on the image below to expand.

  • To run the report for a specific date range change the Assessment Date dropdown to range and enter the report start and end dates.
  • Enter the name of your access point to narrow the results of the report to only include clients with a VI-SPDAT or Veteran Assessment associated with your agency. In the Veterans Assessment report, enter your agency’s name in one access point filter at a time. Entering your agency’s name in both access point filters will yield no results.
  • Once the filters have been adjusted, click on Run.




Once the report runs, it can be exported to Excel for review. To do this, click on the Gear button, and then click on Download. In the pop-up window, be sure to change the Limit to All Results, and click on Download. The report will export into an Excel file, where all client data can be reviewed.


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