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Filling Out the HIC Answer Form & HIC Client Form
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The HIC Answer Form is the heart of the annual Housing Inventory Count which is submitted to HUD on an annual basis. The form contains information about projects' bed and unit inventory. When this data is entered by 211OC as Orange County's HMIS Lead Agency into HDX, one of HUD's repositories, the data agencies reported on the HIC Answer Form gives us a clear picture of the bed resources Orange County has available for people experiencing homelessness.


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HIC Answer Form Instructions

HIC Client Form Instructions


HIC Answer Form Instructions

211OC will upload a HIC Answer Form with the previous year's HIC data and information for any projects that began after the previous year's HIC into your agency's dropbox folder at the beginning of the HIC and Sheltered PIT season. Your tasks are:

  • To review this data and change or add anything that is not accurate as of the night of the Housing Inventory Count, which for 2021 is Monday, January 25th
  • To upload a reviewed and complete version of the HIC Answer Form to Dropbox
  • To upload a completed HIC Cover Sheet to Dropbox
  • To complete a HIC Client Form ONLY if your agency has PSH, OPH, or RRH projects that do not participate in HMIS (see below for more details)


In order to streamline the data review and data entry process, information about each column on the HIC Answer Form can be found right inside the HIC Answer Form. Hover over any cell colored light yellow to see more information about the column:



The HIC Answer Form also contains a Glossary tab that lists commonly used terms and their definitions:



Please refer to these resources when completing your HIC Answer Form, as well as the FAQ section of the 2021 HIC & Sheltered PIT knowledge base article.


HIC Client Form Instructions

PSH, OPH, and RRH projects that do not participate in HMIS are required to provide client-level information so that bed inventory information provided on the HIC Answer Form can be validated against client data. The HIC Client Form is similar to the PIT Answer Form, the only difference is that demographic and other questions are not required on the HIC Client Form. Review the Filling Out the PIT Answer Form knowledge base article for instructions on filling out the HIC Client Form.

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