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Agency Set-up Forms

The following are important documents that should be filled out by agencies that participate in the OC HMIS in order to set up or close an agency or project. When you have completed a form, please submit it to the HMIS Help Desk. Please note that HMIS Staff may have follow up questions regarding your completed forms and that responses to inquiries can take up to three (3) business days depending on holidays, work load, and available HMIS Staff.

Please visit the OC HMIS Documents page to find the most current version of the forms in bold font.

For New Agencies:

  • Agency Set-up Form: Complete this form to start participating in the OC HMIS.
  • New HMIS Participating Agencies: Overview and Requirements: Outlines the responsibilities of HMIS Participating Agencies.
  • Participating Organization Agreement: Complete this form to indicate acceptance of all terms and conditions set in the OC’s Policies and Procedures.
  • Inter-Agency Data Sharing Agreement: Complete this form to agree to share client data among participating agencies via the OC HMIS. All agencies are required to fill out this form, although there are some exceptions based on funding type and populations served.

For Agencies already using HMIS:

  • Project Set-up Form: Complete this form to add a new project into the OC HMIS.
  • Agency’s Project Close Out Forms: Complete this form to close out a project, or an agency, in the OC HMIS.
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  • 13-Nov-2018