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System Performance Measures
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System Performance Measures are a set of 7 performance indicators introduced by the 2009 HEARTH Act amendment to the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act. The HEARTH Act emphasizes viewing the local homeless response as a coordinated system of assistance options rather than as programs and funding sources that operate independently. To facilitate this perspective, the HEARTH Act requires communities to measure their performance as a coordinated system by the below measures in addition to the project-level analysis which was already required.  


System Performance Measures

The measures that are included in this are as follows:


  • Measure 1:  Length of Time Persons Remain Homeless
  • Measure 2: The Extent to Which Persons Who Exit Homelessness Return to Homelessness
  • Measure 3: Number of Homeless Persons
  • Measure 4: Employment and Income Growth for Homeless Persons in CoC Program-funded Projects
  • Measure 5: Number of Persons who Become Homeless for the First Time
  • Measure 6: Homelessness Prevention and Housing Placement of Persons Defined by Category 3 of HUD’s Homeless Definition in CoC Program-funded Projects
  • Measure 7: Successful Placement from Street Outreach and Successful Placement in Retention of Permanent Housing


Why are System Performance Measures Important to Homeless Providers?

In order to encourage all local homeless assistance stakeholders to regularly measure their progress in meeting the needs of people experiencing homelessness in their community, HUD will use system-level data as an award criteria for CoC-funded grants. So, the system performance measures are of special importance to COC recipients and subrecipients. However, the measures are vital to all providers because they are instrumental to the goal of ending homelessness. System Performance Measures provide the community a tool to evaluate and improve homeless assistance programs by understanding how programs are functioning as a whole and identifying where improvements are necessary. 


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