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Client Consent

When you create a new Client Record by clicking New Household on the Client Intake page, the Consent level for the new Client Record is automatically set to System. When Client Records are set to System they are visible to all other HMIS Participating Agencies in Orange County.

The vast majority of clients agree to sign the Consent To Share Protected Personal Information form which is required in order for their Records to be visible to other Orange County agencies.

If a client refuses to sign this form and does not already have a Client Record in HMIS, simply change the Consent dropdown on the Client Intake page to Organization. This means that the client's information will only be visible to users associated with the agency that created the Client Record.

  • If your client refuses to provide their first or last name, follow the protocol above. Set their Name Data Quality Code to "Client Refused" and leave the First and Last Name boxes blank.

If the client already has a Client Record in HMIS and wants to revoke their consent, follow these steps:

  1. Have the client fill out a Client Revocation of Consent to Release Information form and keep it in their file.
  2. Enter a ticket using the HMIS - Pages category. Select "Client Intake" from the pages dropdown, leave the error field blank, and enter the client's identifier. Enter "n/a" for application ID.
  3. In the message field, explain that the client wants to revoke their consent and confirm that you have a completed Client Revocation form on file for the client.

HMIS Staff will then change the client's consent on the back end. HMIS Users are not able to change Client Record consent levels.

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  • 28-Mar-2017