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Editing Previous Income Records

Editing Previous Income Records

HMIS Version 6 does not use Snapshots that were used in Version 5.5. Instead, you can now create Updates and edit Updates using the Household History page.

1. Click on the Enrollment page to get started.
2. Search for an enrollment on the Enrollment page.
3. Click on the Applications tab to select the Enrollment.
4. Select the Application you want to add or edit an Update for.


5. Click on the Household History page in your Navigation pane.
6. Select the Income Update you would like to edit, OR click the Add button to add a new income record.
7. Click the Detail tab to edit the Income Record you selected.

Use the Pencil buttons outlined in red to edit and save any part of the record you would like to change

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  • 06-Oct-2017