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Details vs. Summary Reports

On the ticket submission form for the HMIS - Reports category there is a question that asks "What do you need help with?" where two possible answers are:

  • Details Report
  • Summary Report

Details Reports are reports that contain client level data. These reports show enrollment or demographic information for each client included in the reporting period. Details reports often contain Client Identifying Information (Names, Dates of Birth, and Social Security Numbers) which means they can NOT be sent over email without the CII being removed unless the Excel file has been password protected. If you need to attach a password protected Excel file to an HMIS Help Desk ticket you must call the HMIS Help Desk to give us the password, do NOT include the password in your ticket, in a separate ticket, or in an email.

Examples of Details Reports:

  • Universal Data Elements_Agency_Details v5
  • ProgramSpecificDataElement_Entry_Results_v5
  • ProgramSpecificDataElement_Exit_Results_v5
  • Client_Service_Aging_Report

Summary Reports show a summary of data in HMIS. Summary Reports do not show client level data, which means they can be sent over email without password protection. Examples of Summary Reports:

  • Universal Data Elements_Agency v5 
  • OC_Bed Utilization
  • ProgramSpecificDataElement_Entry_Summary_v5
  • ProgramSpecificDataElement_Exit_Summary_v5
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  • 11-May-2017