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Can’t Add Services, Case Notes, or HH History Updates

If you are unable to add a service, case note, or HH History update, make sure the enrollment you are working on is verified. Verification is required to add these items.

Your Client is not verified

You will know that your client is not verified because the red Verify List quick access window shows on the right-hand side of your screen


  • To verify your client, click the Verify List quick access window for a list of fields that must be completed in order to verify your client
  • The Verify List quick access window shows three things:


  • The name of the tab/page on which to find the field with missing data (e.g. HH Members)
  • The field that is missing data (e.g. Medical Insurance Required)
  • The name of the person who is missing the data (e.g. xxfakeperson xxfakelastname)
  • Use the go to button to go to the page on which you need to fill in data required for verification

Note: Applications created in Version 5 will often have the Medical Insurance field on the HH Members tab missing, this is because in version 5, this field did not exist
Note: fields required for verification are denoted by the "V" Verify icon on the HH Members tab. Income, Non-Cash Benefits, and Medical Insurance questions on the Income tab are also required.

  • To finalize verification, lock your application using the Lock icon on the HH Members, Applications, Assessments, or Income tab:

If your application is verified and you are still unable to make these updates, please check out the troubleshooting methods below.

Troubleshooting Methods

If, after creating an application for your client, you go to the Services, Case Notes, or Household History page and do not see an Add button, it is usually because of one of these two reasons:

The Application is missing a Location

If your application is missing a Location, you will be notified of this on the Verification List quick access window.

  • Go to the Applications Tab
  • Click the edit button next to your application
  • Choose a location from the dropdown
  • Click Save
  • Lock your application

The Application is missing a Domain

Domains are usually associated with funding sources, and are linked to services. You must assign a Domain to your application in order to make the service list viewable for the application

  • Go to the Applications Tab
  • Click the edit button next to your application
  • Check a domain in the Domains box
  • Lock your application

Icons and Buttons Mentioned in this Article
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