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Deactivating Account Profiles

Deactivating Account Profiles


A goal of HMIS is to produce an unduplicated count of persons experiencing homelessness. This helps policymakers and administrators establish an accurate scope of homelessness in our community, promotes informed decisions on strategy to combat homelessness, and helps track progress towards ending it. In order to reach the goal of an unduplicated count, HMIS users must never create duplicate Account Profiles for a person in the system, and if a profile already exists, users must only enroll clients using the existing Account Profile. You may encounter instances when you find two Account Profiles that seem to represent the same person.  If this occurs, you must deactivate one of the Account Profiles.

HMIS Guide:

Encountering Duplicate Account Profiles

When your search for a client in HMIS returns profiles with very similar information, look through the related information carefully to ensure the Account Profiles represent the same person.  Review the data associated with the profiles on the Account Profile and HH Members tabs. If you find that the Account Profiles represent the same person, follow the steps below to deactivate the duplicate(s). This process will keep all Account Profiles searchable in the system and linked with a Master Account Id, but will make the duplicate(s) inactive.

Deactivating an Account Profile

  1. Go to the Enrollment page, Account Profile tab
  2. Click the Deactivate button


Linking Deactivated Account Profile(s) to the Active Account Profile

The Duplicate Account/Household Search Results window will appear. The purpose of this window is to link the Account Profile(s) you are about to deactivate with the duplicate profile that will remain active. The window displays possible duplicate Accounts/Households to link to.


  1. Click the radio button next to the first and last name of applicable duplicate Account Profile(s)
  2. Click Continue

You will receive a popup window asking you if you’d like to continue with the process

  1. Click Yes


You will receive a message that the Account Profile selected has been deactivated.  

Navigating the HMIS with an Inactive Account Profile

When you search for a client with an inactive Account Profile, their name will still show up in the Search Results window along with their current Applications, but the status of their Account Profile will show as [Active] = “false”.


Current applications for deactivated Account Profiles remain active. You can edit or update the enrollment as usual (e.g.; enter services or case notes, create updates in the Household History tab, etc.). However, you will not be able to create new Applications under a deactivated Account Profile. For example, on the Applications tab, you will notice that the deactivated Account Profile’s edit is still clickable in the Applications tab, but the Add button to create new applications is not:


Undoing Deactivation

Deactivation is not permanent. If you have deactivated an Account Profile on accident, you may undo the deactivation.

  1. Go to the Enrollment page, Account Profile tab
  2. Click the Activate button


Special Case: Account Profiles Have a Duplicate Enrollment

If the Account Profile(s) have a duplicate active enrollment, a message will display when you attempt to deactivate a duplicate profile, telling you that the profile will be deactivated, but the Account Profiles will not be linked with a “Master Account ID”.


  1. Click OK
  2. Undo the Deactivation
  3. Delete the duplicate Application on the Applications tab
  4. Redo the Deactivation