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Adding Services in Version 6

Use the Services page to record services delivered for your client. The client must be enrolled into a project and that enrollment must be locked and verified in order to record services. All domains associated with the active enrollment will be available on the page.

How to create a new service:

  1. Click ‘Add’ next to desired Domain
  2. In Popup Services Window:
    1. Select Staff and Date
    2. Enter Comments if needed
    3. Select Outcome achieved if applicable
    4. Select all Members or Individual (when Individual is selected, listing of Household members will display)
    5. Select Service – change Unit Amount if needed.
  3. After you save, the Service(s) will be displayed in on Services tab.

Schedule Services:

  • Recurring Services can be scheduled.
  • Click Schedule button
  • In Schedule popup window                                                                                                                                
    • Select Start and End Date
    • Fields will change depending on selection
    • Select remaining scheduling data and then save.

All Services recorded will be displayed next to appropriate domain.

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  • 18-Dec-2017