Search "verify list" in the box below to read our new article titled "HMIS Assessment Completed But Verify List Says 'HMIS Assessment Not Completed'" for instructions on clearing the "HMIS Assessment Not Completed" error on the Verify List for clients whose assessments are actually complete.

What is a Snapshot?

A snapshot is a client’s situation at a particular point in time.

  • Includes demographics, income, and household member information.
  • Is specific to the project they are created for, and cannot be updated by other agencies.
  • Snapshot data is used for reports.
  • Can be manually updated for each change in a client’s situation e.g. Incorrect data.
  • When a new snapshot is created, data is pulled from the Client Intake page.

Additional Functions on the SnapshotManagement Tabs

  1. Update Central Intake: Only enabled if the last snapshot in the enrollment is being modified. It will update the Client Intake page with the data on this snapshot.
  2. Previous: Changes to previous snapshot.
  3. Next: Changes to next snapshot.
  4. Date dropdown: User can select the snapshot to view based on the Snapshot Date.
  5. Delete: Deletes the snapshot.
  6. Reset: Deletes all snapshots and creates one new snapshot. Using this button is not recommended in most cases, as all snapshots that are deleted will need to be recreated.

 For more information about snapshots, please visit the Snapshot Mini Guide.

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  • 26-Jun-2017