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Searching For a Client Record
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Clarity holds every client record from every HMIS participating agency in Orange County. Please review this article to discover/review how to look up a client's record.


Searching for a Client Record

Step 1: Go to the Search Tab, which is the central hub and home page of the system 


Step 2: In the search bar, enter only partial first and last names of the client you are searching for with the first two letters of the First Name and Last Name. 

For example, searching for “Jo” will return results for “John,” “Johnny,” and “Joseph,” but not “Marjorie.”



 As you begin typing your search criteria, the system will automatically search the database and display potential clients that match your criteria. 



Step 3: When auto-suggest locates a client that matches the search criteria, click on the record to locate the client’s profile


Note: You can also search by complete or partial SSN, DOB, and Aliases; the system will display potential clients that match your criteria. It is important to be thorough when searching for a client in HMIS so that duplicated records of the same client are not created in the system.



Search by Unique Identifier

Every client created in Clarity is issued a Unique Identifier, which is 9 characters in length. You can see the Unique Identifier under the client picture in the Client Profile Page



If you are searching for a client that was created in Clarity, you can enter the 9 digit Unique Identifier in the search bar. This will take you directly to the Client’s profile screen, bypassing the search through the auto-suggest list



For more information, visit Clarity’s Knowledge Base article on How to search for a client.

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