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History Tab Overview
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The History tab can be considered the Central Hub of the Client Record. Numerous things can be accomplished using this tab, such as:


1. Editing and/or viewing details of: 

  • General services
  • Program-Based Services
  • Programs
  • Assessments

2. Managing the following:

  • Program Association
  • Expense Items
  • Service Notes
  • Attendance
  • Group Options


(Note: This section also discusses how to link or unlink Program-Based Services to the client’s history)

History Tab Overview

To begin working with a Client’s history, select the History tab in the Client record.



Advanced Search Tool

If your client has a very large history spanning multiple pages of results, the Advanced Search Options feature provides an excellent interface to narrow down your results.




The Advanced Search Option features the following information:


  • Name – Filter for a keyword within the service title
  • Category – Filter for a specific category of service using the convenient drop-down menu
  • Agency – Filter for a specific Agency that provided the service
  • Date Range – Filter based on a specific date range of service provision
  • Type - Filter based on record type (ex. Assessments, Programs, Referrals, Services)

Convenient Right Sidebar

The right sidebar provides the following information:


  • Household Members
  • Active Programs
  • Recent Services
  • Assigned Staff


To the right of each entry is an Edit icon  which will take you directly to the appropriate section of the client record.



Understanding History Tab Icons

1. Dollar Icon

Service transactions with attached expenses are marked with an Expense  icon to the right of the listing.  Hover your mouse over the icon, and additional financial details are displayed.  This includes the total expense amount, and the funding source the expense was applied to if configured.



2. Screens Icon

The Screens icon  indicates that the service is linked to a Program (i.e. Program-Based Service). If you hover over the screens icon, it will provide you with the following information:

  • Program Name
  • Associated Agency
  • Program Entry Date
  • Status (Active vs. Inactive)



3. Comment Icon

The Comment icon  indicates that there is a Service Note associated with the service. Mouse-over the icon for more details. 



4. Link Icon

The Link icon  indicates that there is a referral or a service associated with this entry. Mouse-over the icon for more details.




Using the History Tab

1. Edit and/or View Services

To modify or view a service, mouse-over the service and select the Edit or View link that appears to the left. This will take you to the associated screen in the Services tab where you have the ability to Edit the Service Record.



2. Edit and/or View Assessments

To modify or view an Assessment, mouse-over the Assessment title and select the Edit or View link that appears to the left.



This will take you to the associated Assessment screen where you can view or modify the Assessment to the degree your access role allows.

3. Edit and/or View Programs

To modify or view a Program, mouse-over the Program Name and select the Edit or View link that appears to the left.




This will take you to the associated Program screen where you can access related records and edit aspects of the Program Enrollment to the degree your access role and system configuration allows.

4. Authorization Lock

Enabling Authorization Lock on a service provides an added layer of confidentiality to a specific service item if your agency is openly sharing client service history.  This setting will add a lock iconto the top of the service header, allowing only your agency to view the service transaction in the client’s history.  This option is only available for the agency that created the service transaction.




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