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Verbal Consent Guidance

## Background Verbal consent is acceptable for a client's [Release of Information record][1] until such a time that you are able to get a signed consent form from the client. In HMIS there is an option under Documentation Type for Verbal Consent. A report has been developed for agencies to see those clients with verb…

Refusing/Revoking Consent to Share Personal Information

# **Background** Due to HMIS being a data sharing platform it is important that client's understand their rights and consent to having their information entered. A client has the right to refuse or revoke their consent to sharing their information. Please follow the instructions below to find out what an agency shoul…

Accessing and Completing Release of Information (ROI) Page

# **Background** As part of the Client Intake process, the agency asks the client for their consent to share the client's data in HMIS via the [Consent to Share Protected Personal Information][1] form. Clients have the option to refuse their consent to share their information, and still be served by a HMIS participat…

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