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Community Queue for Matchmakers

# **Background** The CES Leads for the Family and Individual Coordinated Entry Systems match households to available housing opportunities through the Coordinated Entry System and the Bed Reservation System. In order to make these matches in HMIS, the users at the CES Leads must have the Matchmaker role. This article…

Bed Reservation Overview

Bed reservation allows the CoC to have a central repository where all available beds and units can be easily viewed and assigned to households looking for Emergency Shelter or Transitional Housing. This means that the path to assistance is more streamlined for households because they don't have to call multiple agenci…

Community Queue for Housing Agencies

# **Background** In order to participate in the Coordinated Entry System or the Bed Reservation System, Housing Providers must first enter their available housing opportunities into HMIS. These opportunities will be sent to a Matchmaker, who will then refer households to the available housing opportunities. Once a ho…

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